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Week 8 feedback

Most of you were quite clear about the censorship assignment, but I would like to point out a couple of things about copyright.

Most of you chose the “public domain” as your copyright topic.   Many of you are under the mistaken illusion that items in the databases and on the Internet are part of the public domain.  This is not necessarily so and, in fact, in the case of databases, it is definitely not true.

The library pays a great deal of money to subscribe to all but a couple of databases available to you through the “databases A-Z” link on the library home page.  Part of that subscription cost is copyright fees to enable our faculty, students, and staff to be able to access the articles, download them, and cite from them.  They are not free and they are not part of the public domain.

As for the World Wide Web, you should always look for copyright information.  If it exists, it will be given at the bottom of the home page screen.  Scroll down to it and you will be able to see if there are copyright requirements.  If there is nothing, that does not mean that the web site is in the public domain.  If nothing is said, the assumption is that the site is copyrighted.  In other words, things are under copyright unless or until you find out that there is a specific statement to that effect.  And that statement will likely be a Creative Commons statement with a  link to it.

In fact, the general rule is that something is copyrighted unless there is a statement to the contrary.


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Weeks 9/10

I am still grading week 8 work and will give you general feedback when I’ve completed that.  As the deadline isn’t until tonight, I won’t be finished grading until Monday or, possibly, Tuesday.

As I said in my email, I want to give you plenty of time for the final project, so I have posted it now.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to do this.

In Week 10, there will be a brief survey and I will also give you information about finding the cheapest textbooks for next quarter and beyond.


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Week 7 Feedback

I am still grading annotation assignments, but those of you who submitted early are graded.  I am pleased with what I’ve read; however, two points should be noted:

  • annotations should be in your own words. You don’t copy from other sites or take portions from abstracts in order to write an annotation.
  • annotations of this type generally do not include your personal opinions or whether you agree with the author or not.  These are evaluations of the author’s work and not a reflection of your own work or opinions.

In terms of where we are with the class please note the following:

  • At this point, you have had the opportunity to earn 80 points.  70% of that is 56 points.  If you have 56 points or above, you are passing the class (at this point–you still must keep earning points).  If you are below 56 points, you are not passing the class

As another point of information, today, Monday, Feb. 21, is the final day to withdraw from class with your instructor’s permission.  If you want to do that, please print the withdrawal form, which you can find at and take it to the reference desk in the library to ask for a) a signature and b) the library department stamp.  I will not be available today, but any librarian can help you with this.

Upcoming Activities

Shortly after I post this, Week 8 will be available to you.  This is another lesson on information ethics topics.

I also want you to think of another topic to research.  In Weeks 9-10, I will give you two weeks to take a different topic through the cycle we practiced with your first topic.  You must pick a different topic from the one you worked on through the quarter.  I must approve it and you cannot change that topic once you have it approved.  It can be connected to a topic for another class, but it cannot be the same topic that you used in this class.  There is an assignment this week in conjunction with this requirement.  There will be no final exam in this class, so it is important to do well on this last assignment.


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Week 6 Feedback

Most of you managed to cope with citation fairly well.  There were some issues with the formatting, but the big issue was setting up your MS Word document to manage hanging indents, etc.  I suggest your review the tutorial on Citations and MS Word to learn how to do that.

This week, you will work on annotations.  Please take your time reviewing the tutorial and follow the instructions carefully.

At this point, you have had the opportunity to earn 62 points.  70% of that is 43.4.  If you have 43 or above, you have a passing grade.  If you do not, you are not passing.

As a point of information, the last day to withdraw from classes with the signature of your professor is February 21.


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Week 5 Feedback

Most of you did well in searching databases.  As most of you discovered, now that you know how to use TERMS and manipulate and refine results, searching databases is probably one of the easier places to search and because the material is carefully selected, it’s easier to feel confident that the information is valid.

My biggest concern is that some of you are not doing your assignments and I can’t help you grow in your information literacy if you don’t complete the work and submit it for my feedback.  At this point, you have had the opportunity to earn 52 points and 70% of that figure is 36.4.  If you have more than that number, you are passing; if you have fewer than that number, you are not.

Week 6, on citation, is now posted and ready for you.


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Week 4 Feedback

As you discovered, our catalog doesn’t have as many new books as we would like.  With the budget constraints we have experienced in the last few years, it’s been challenging to buy enough new materials for every topic we need to cover.

I asked you to search our catalog because it is one of the foundations of our information sources.  If our catalog doesn’t have enough information or material, however, you can use the “Repeat search in LINK+” button to go out and search beyond the Cal State East Bay catalog.  We belong to a consortium of libraries that loan materials back and forth to each other.  You can’t borrow electronic books, but you can borrow print ones and that gives you a much wider selection.

For a LINK+ demo, view this tutorial:

We’re almost half way through the class.  Week 5 is posted and waiting for you.

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Week 3 Feedback

Those of you who completed this assignment did well.  I’m delighted!

My concern:  Many of you are not keeping up.  It’s easy to get behind in an online class.  You must do the work in order to pass.  So please do the work.

In Week 3, most of you used Google (I use it myself).  Interestingly, Google is coming under fire these days because of concerns about spam.  Because Google ranks sites according to popularity, the results list has problems.  Here is a short CNN Online article on the subject, if you’re interested: The author, Pete Cashmore, thinks human-powered decision-making may increase the quality of search results.  As librarians have been doing that for years (see Week 4 on the catalog), it’s good to see this idea coming back into favor again.

This week, you will continue researching your topic, looking for print, e-books, and media items in the catalog.

Some of you are confused about the end result in this class.  I insisted that you develop a good, complex research topic in order to have substantive content to search.  In this class, you will do the research and prepare a final bibliography, and you will also analyze your processes for each search, as you did in Week 3.  You will not write a final paper (unless you are doing so for another class).  I will ask you to provide 1-2 examples of something new you have learned about your topic in order to understand better what you find, but it will not be a paper.

The most important aspect of this part of the class is to build research skills to underpin your information literacy growth, which is why we focus on searching, bibliographies, and information ethics issues.

On to Week 4!


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Week 2 Feedback

TOPIC:  Most of you have an approved topic or a topic that is almost approved, so good for all of you.  Finding a good topic, one that will allow in-depth research isn’t easy.  Sometimes, it’s easier than at other times, but it always requires some deep thinking.

POWER OF INFORMATION:  Did you figure out why the Wikileaks web page wasn’t available?  The answer is that the U.S. Government has blocked it.  This is censorship.  We will explore censorship again, with the Wikileaks assignment in mind, but here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it right for the government to censor the information that could be available to us?
  • If so, under what circumstances?

These are not easy questions to answer, but information must be very powerful for government to want to censor it.  Don’t you agree?

Keep up the good work.  Keep thinking!

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Week 1 Feedback

Those of you who are keeping up–congratulations.  You’re doing a great job.  Privacy is an important topic that I like to cover first because we are working online and it gives me a chance to heighten your awareness of this difficult topic.

As for information literacy, most of you understand the complexity of this subject and also that it takes time and thought.

You’re a great class and it’s going to be fun to work with you.

I have finally got my reference desk hours, so consult the “About Me” tab for my available hours.


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Tips for Your Success

NOTE:  Use “CTRL +” to enlarge the print if this is too small.

  1. Check these items regularly:
    • our course blog (you’re on it now) for news, activities, assignments, etc.
    • my Twitter account for this class (asinfolit) for quick reminders, lesson updates, etc.  You can follow me, if you like, or check the last 5 tweets that appear on the course blog
    • your Horizon email for longer messages I need to send to you.  You can auto-forward your email to another account (gmail, yahoo, etc.), but be sure to empty your Horizon account periodically or it will fill up and new messages will not be forwarded
    • our BlackBoard class to submit assignments, check grades, etc.
  2. Be sure you are ready to work online because we will practice using Web 2.0 tools.  You need high speed connection, particularly to view some tutorials.  If you don’t have that at home, you will need to complete some assignments on campus or at another location with high speed Internet
  3. Plan a regular weekly time to work on class to help you manage time and keep up.  In an online course, you need especially good time management and work habits.
  4. Enjoy working anywhere—even in your jammies!
  5. I’m looking forward to meeting you online, but if you want more personal interaction or think you can’t handle working online, you might want to consider a face-to-face or hybrid class.
  6. If you would like an in-person or online appointment with me, consult the “About Me” tab to find out my available hours.

Online interaction

Every week, I will post news, activities, assignments, etc. on our course blog.  For short, quick messages in between weekly postings, see my tweets.

This class is credit/no credit, but you need to complete the work and earn a C-  (70%) or better to receive credit.  To track this, I will grade your work until you reach 70%.  Grading guidelines will be given, but, for privacy, your grades will only be in BlackBoard.

If you need to get in touch with me, please contact me (see “About Me” for details).  In the syllabus, I have given you clear instructions about email requirements. Please follow them to be sure I get your emails.

Now click Week 1 and you’re on your way!



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